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Alumni Membership

Membership consists of three categories

  1. Full Members
  2. Associate Members
  3. Honorary Members

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Full Membership
    • Any person who is graduate of the University or has obtained a postgraduate qualification of the University; or
    • Any person who was a student of the Ceylon Medical College and obtained the licentiate in Medicine & Surgery and licentiate in Dental Surgery.
    • An associate member who has been a member for a continuous period of three years shall be eligible on completion of such period to apply for a full membership of the Association.
      shall be entitled to full membership
  2. Associate Membership
    • Any past student of the University who is not a graduate of the University, or
    • Any graduate of a recognized university who is or has been a member of the academic, administrative or non-academic staff of the University, or
    • Any person who is or has been a Chancellor of the University or any person who is or has been a member of the Senate or the University Council.
      Shall be entitled to associate membership
  3. Honorary Membership
    • Any person who is not eligible for full or associate membership but has rendered distinguished service to the University, or
    • Any person who has been conferred a degree honoris causa by the University.
      shall be entitled to honorary membership.

Membership category

The above shall consist of the kinds; namely life members and ordinary members, as determined according to the mode of payment prescribed in the By-Laws.

Admission to Membership

  1. Categories in 1. and 2. above
    • an application should be made to the Association on the prescribed form and
    • membership fee should be paid, is defined in the By-Laws.
  2. Category 3. above:
    • nomination by the Executive committee of the Colombo Chapter or
    • election by the Colombo Chapter, subject to an upper limit as provided for in the By-Laws

Cessation of Membership

  1. Death
  2. Resignation
  3. Non-payment of subscription for a continuous period of two years
  4. Expulsion as defined in the By-Laws

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